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To start, I should be clear, as much as I like Israel, I’m not keen on Zionist shills like For Britain but their leader Anne Marie waters seems ok to me, she is right when she says she isn’t extreme right wing, the extreme Muslims are.
However, I would add so are extreme Christians, extreme Catholics and extreme Jews. Also her youtube videos do have a habit of making her look like she’s in search of that last Xanex, she just can’t find.

When the singer Morrissey pinned his name to their cause and, on an American chat show , wore their pin on his lapel, it caused more outrage than follows a terrorist attack.
Headlines, a tsunami of social media attacks and even his records being banned from a record shop and advertising posters for his new LP being banished from Liverpool  train stations.
You would think the singer had abused an underage girl or sold crack to his mother or  hit a woman or showed his admiration for Hitler. All of which other music artists that are NOT banned from anywhere have done.
The simple truth is Morrissey, although often breaking taboo’s, has broken not one law-although he did once wear an ill-advised James Dean tie that, clearly,  should have been a criminal offence.
He hasn’t even said anything racist- in fact, he took the NME to court and won when they called him racist in the past.

I’ve said for a while, I tend to think,  Morrissey has deliberately caused this carry on over the last few years.  It seems to me Morrissey is aiming for exile – so Catholic him, so Wilde

Morrissey, it seems, wants to remain on the edge of the ledge. I think it was all getting a bit “knitted Morrissey”  for him. That is to say, too comfy and safe .

The way the press keep twisting things is hateful  BUT expected…..Also Morrissey is keen on winding the press up . There is a history.
I won’t rake up, the previously raked.  However, I did a post about a recent campaign against Morrissey that gives a sense of the background. Here is a link to the blog post  Operation Snide 

I’m not really political but I am a humanist that detests bullying and witch hunts….
Thus, I actually find it disgraceful when an elected official who is in a position of power
says what they say in the following tweet- apart from anything else it shows the official is so thick they either don’t read what is said or so dumb they don’t understand it.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 6.39.23 AM.png

The recent interview with the singer, that lead to the above tweet can be found  here

The main quote that has been abducted from its natural and actual surroundings, is in regards to immigration.
The singer, states that people prefer their own race.
He didn’t mean we all prefer our own race in terms of “I like white skin, I don’t like brown” or “white people are better than people of a different colour” .
Though of course, that is the story that’s gone global.

He was talking about the eternal truth of the human condition, that in the end, we are all more comfortable with what we are used to ..Which is why our childhood friends remain our best friends, which is why our home towns create a poetry of thought, so deep you can never outrun it ..Which is why the majority of people don’t move too far from the postcode they were born in .

If you go to any country you will see most nationalities group together with their own kind. All over England and America, the Muslim, Jewish and black communities tend to stick together.. In Europe and America, the Brits huddle together.
That’s just the way it goes

The fact this elected official, who looks like an ex-cast member from Albian Market, can say to someone they don’t belong in their own hometown is kind of shocking. Who gives anyone the right to say such a thing?
Morrissey has probably done more for Manchester than anyone or anything since the cotton industry- although Tony Warren isn’t too far behind.

What is more worrying is how very irresponsible and dangerous it is for an elected official to say what this MP said. Especially, in these savagely divided and violent times in British history.
It’s a “green light” to incite possible attacks on the singer and his kin- the singer still has an elderly mother and father who live in Manchester and Salford .

On top of that, just the sheer hypocrisy on show, is universe bending. Can you imagine if anyone, let alone an MP, said to a Muslim that because of their opinions they “shouldn’t be welcome ” in any town, let alone their home town. It would be all over the news, there would probably be legal action, loss of job and maybe even a fatwa.

Intellectually speaking,  England is yet to be fatally ruined, but make no mistake England is in ruins.


The Witchfinder General

The internet, when first ushered in, it was done so with a mix of hope, hype and fanfare. It was promised the internet would redesign culture (it has), it would be a portal to lots of free information ( it is ) and it would give voice to people no matter what they believed, an egalitarian paradise (it sort of was) .
Alas, as the wild west of cyberspace was taken over by big business, the usual gatekeepers, guarded the usual gates. Algorithms were set that created thought ghettos, where one can only see their own world reflected back at them.
This has created an odd form of brainwashing and a culture where it’s, almost, impossible, to have a reasoned debate, not just on the internet but also in “real life”… Worse than this it has made people hysterical in their intolerance of opposing views.
Nowhere is the hysteria more hysterical than when the cyber crowds think they have discovered a lack in a individuals “virtue” . They then use the supposed lack of virtue as a reason to claim the most fanciful things and outright decimate a person’s life.
In fact, in many ways, the current hounding of anyone who hasn’t managed to lead a moral life on a par with Buddha, is a modern form of witchhunt.
One of the biggest trigger issues for the ” identity politics” brigade is race or to be more exact perceived racism.

For me, I don’t judge by colour – I wasn’t bought up in an all-white English town in 1923 and I wasn’t bought up in Sussex, which is a hilariously white (middle class) place even in 2019.
I also see “right” and ” left ” as pretty useless terms that reek of lies and should have been left in the last century.
The council estates of Oxford (where I was born and bruised) were a mixed affair ( The poor from England, Ireland and Jamacia ..) All raised to be flesh and fodder for the local car factories- unless you wanted to be a hairdresser or in the building trade or a hairdresser in the building trade.
I mentioned this, as such a background fostered an understanding that came from experience and books, which is pretty much a universe away from the modern world where people seem to get most of their views and experience from the click of a mouse and cushioned “safe spaces”.

One of the odd things I have seen on the internet, as well as in the press which to keep up with demand has lowered its standards, is that things that used to be considered centrist politics or right of centre are now considered “extreme far right”.
Thus, both Ukip and For Britain are labelled “extreme far right” and anyone who is in or supports those parties are likewise considered “extreme far right ” and “fascists”. Thus, stigmatising large swaths of the population, who have never committed a crime and never wished ill of anyone. Not to mention stopping any form of open, truthful deabate

Myself, I would never vote for either Ukip or For Britain (I aim in a different direction) BUT I fail to see how both of them are “extreme far right”.
If they are it means the definition has changed, to something, which is, although not the best ideology, not THAT bad and quite understandable – it’s hard for some American’s to grasp, as the white skins there are visitors on a land that birthed coloured skin- it belonged to the native Americans. The South West is Mexican really. Whereas in the UK/Ireland the soil grew whites. Thus, it is a “white land” in that sense ( I’m talking for the last 1000 year and so on)
With that said, its human nature, especially on tiny Island for people to become “protectionist” . If you go to lots of “coloured” countries they are also “protectionist”.

To most people the “extreme far right” means Hitler loving, pure white skin worshipping, gay , black and jew hating killer monsters – the KKK in the USA , The Nazi party in Germany and in the UK the likes of the National Front and so on.
It sticks me as dishonest, at best, to stretch such an incendiary term to include parties like Ukip and For Britain.

Ukip are now merely right of centre, they only had one policy “leave the EU” and that “want” is a mainstream “want”, that was also favoured by Tony Benn, labour, and Jeremy Corbyn, labour, (for different reasons), not to mention 52% of the country.
They also had ITV television presenter Kilroy Silk and film/television star Joan Collins among their membership- these two are hardly Heinrich Himmler

For Britain are a party paid for by the “right wing” of Israel. they are a party that deals in “slight of hand”
BUT their manifesto is not extreme far right”- it espouses animal rights, tighter controls on immigration (much like the Conservative parties) and a crackdown on Sharia Law practises in the UK ( one law for all) .
Their leader, Anne Marie Warters, is a lesbian, animal rights lover, from Dublin who used to be in the Labour party. She is not an”extreme far right ” activist.

I am aware there are people with unfortunate idea’s in both Ukip and For Britain BUT there are in Labour and Conservative parties also- that’s what political parties are though. They are parties that are made of individuals with different ideas that come together for a general goal. I do maintain the general goal of both Ukip and For Britain, in terms of their party manifesto isn’t “extreme far right”.

To lump the likes of Kiljoy Silk, Joan Collins and Anne Marie Waters ( a gay, animal loving woman from Dublin ) in with Hitler and David Duke helps nobody…


At last a truth- tattoo the name Angela Nagle

Now to some of us, this is all obvious ..And we have been saying it for years …BUT Angela Nagle says it very well, thus I thought I would dare to share .. Angela is an Irish writer, who show’s just how limited the writers in the “left” wing publication The Guardian really are-basically The Guardian, like nearly all the English news print world, are limp London media types who write whatever they are told to write, stab the back of anyone they are told to stab, lie about those who are only telling the truth. Cretins basically.

“I’m always amazed at the arrogance and the strangely imperial mentality of British and American pro–open borders progressives who believe that they are performing an act of enlightened charity when they “welcome” PhDs from eastern Europe or Central America driving them around and serving them food. In the wealthiest nations, open borders advocacy seems to function as a fanatical cult among true believers—a product of big business and free market lobbying is carried along by a larger group of the urban creative, tech, media, and knowledge economy class, who are serving their own objective class interests by keeping their transient lifestyles cheap and their careers intact as they parrot the institutional ideology of their industries. The truth is that mass migration is a tragedy, and upper-middle-class moralizing about it is a farce. Perhaps the ultra-wealthy can afford to live in the borderless world they aggressively advocate for, but most people need—and want—a coherent, sovereign political body to defend their rights as citizens.”

Please press the link and read on…

The Left Case For Open Borders. By Angela Nagle