Rupert Everrett, The Vanishing Years

Meant to read this book a few years ago BUT didn’t get around to it until last night – the regret of not having read sooner will haunt.
Thus far its completely hilarious … It has plenty of made for bold print throw away lines , for instance of Alastair Campbell , “big, badly dressed and sexy, and his sad eyes looked medicated… a big knobbly nose that was made for aggression or at least cunnilingus’, and on On Simon Schama ”One of those peculiar fey straights, a male lesbian, more dangerous even than the lesbian herself (when riled).”

In the space of the opening few chapters he has discussed bumping into Anita Pallenberg and over hearing her cravings for pain killers. Of course, Anita used to give Keith Richards blow jobs as he drove around Europe , which may sound “Exciting” but shows scant regard to the highway code in my opinion .
He then goes on to explain tumbling attempts at heterosexual bonding in the cinema while watching Performance , before telling of his escape, via a open unmanned fire escape, from the show The Apprentice , which found him hiding in The Ritz and darting down to KIngs Cross, imagining he now knows what it’s like to be in a spy film one minute and then in the film The Lady Vanishes the next
At the moment I’m just reading about how he nearly got caught in a gay sex expose for America’s National Enquirer…..


Ezra Furman 16/05/2018

Last night I went to see one of the very few newish acts I like ..The venue was on W and 7th ,in Los Angeles, (which around certain corners is rather like NY in 1992)
On entering the venue I saw the crowd was full of what lifes dividers call “millennials”, not wanting to be mistaken for anyones over protective father I found somewhere out the way I could lean and stayed there …
Happily the place started filling up with “older ” folk after the support fled , it didn’t really make much difference but it was nice not being the eldest person in the gaff…Its a minor concern but I didn’t want anyone to think I had strayed in expecting to see Bonnie Tyler

It just so happened Ezra Furman, the pop turn in question, had been standing alone watching the support and on his way to the apply his stage lippy before show time he passed by said “hello” and then waved and went in the stage door ..Alas I thought he was communicating with someone behind me, it took me 10 mins to realise the only thing behind me was a wall.

He was surprisingly thin in the way lots of us at his age were, too busy getting by to eat anything more complicated than toast or if feeling more daring , Weetabix.

Come show lights , Ezra come on in a black dinner dress and white plastic beads , looking like a feral child that was escaping life as a mannequin in a thrift shop window.
He reminded me of the character Georgette in Last Exit To Brooklyn or at least Alexis Arquette when he played Georgette in the movie version of Last Exit To Brooklyn ..
In short its queerdom in a very NY way .
Ezra is still in his artist stage , mostly untroubled by commerce ..Catch him while you can’t .

Israel 1992

1992 , I was working in Israel..I say work..Mainly I would clock in, then go back home and listen to music and read books in my room…It was nice, as the breeze blew the thin curtain and the hot Israeli sun rays shone on the dust floating in the air, making it shimmer, shimmy and sparkle like glass

On the Kibbutz mostly the other workers were Jewish folk from various corners of the planet .
In fact , the only people who weren’t Jewish were me, a London criminal on the lamb , an Irish woman and a couple of Scots drink and fight merchants .
I was 18 and very shy then , I mention this as it was here I truly found out how shy I was and how crumpled my social skills were, you see it was my first time away from home, away from friends, it seemed I had, instinctively, used friends as a buffer, working class people can be very protective of their own. This meant I never had to talk to people I didn’t want to and it gave me the illusion of being more able than I was.
Away from home turf reality kicked .

One day I was sitting outside my room and an American Jewish women told me she had written to her fella about me saying “He’s so eccentric ” and then she walked off…She meant it as a compliment, I took it as an insult, terms like “eccentric ” are ones that should only be given, never taken.

I just raised a brow and shrugged…Well, what are you meant to say when people say this stuff?

Anyway, 5 minutes after she left a couple of Israeli teenage girls dressed in their national service uniforms , carrying machine guns came over.. I thought I might be in trouble ..BUT they asked what the song was I was listening to , It was a radio session by Suede , they hadn’t released a song yet ..I think the song they liked was “To The Birds:” ..I told them and they sharply got out a peace of paper and asked me to write the information down, then thrust a blank TDK tape out and said “tape please, could you “

It turned out they had been sat listening to me playing this Suede session over and over for nearly 2 hours.

Three years, later Suede would go to Israel , I always wondered if they went to see them

The end .