Jobriath A.D….It’s Finally Arrived, The Documentary For Those Yet To Know…

So, whats to be said about Jobriath? First he was underrated NOW he is overrated.
Yes, he was the first “Out” gay pop star..BUT he wouldn’t have come out if it wasn’t for Bowie having first played the bi card (not to mention Little Richard, Lou Reed and a host of others bending the genders).
Lets not pretend his coming out was for anything other than publicity, it wasn’t about any cause BUT did it have to be?..And lets not pretend just because he was gay his music is important, to do that is to avoid one trap, only to fall “Clara bowes and open toes” into another
However, claiming Jobriath was merely a Bowie tribute act is to miss the point entirely.
His PR was a pure Bowie rip off ( David returned the favour years later by appropriating Jobriath’s debut LP cover for Dimond Dogs, as well as using some of Jobriaths stage set for a future tour) but the songs were a Pop/Rock musical theatre as sang by Mick Jagger. Where as David was a liquid nitrogen cool observer with a fierce intellect, Jobriath was a dream state, off off broadway wonderful wow, existing in another zone
Much too “Beyond” for boring old Rolling Stone Magazine, always lagging  years behind..Even now in 2015, they are still scared to their very core of the feminine, especially if the feminine is male.
The UK  didn’t care either, they couldn’t see the talent beyond the second hand persona..They were either forever in 1964 or primed and pinned by Bolan and Bowie..There was no lust and wonder left for anyone else . Thus, Jobriath didn’t stand a chance…

Ultimately , he had some great songs, which at the end of the, well worn, day is what it’s all about and thats enough.


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