Mother’s Cry – 0050 Cielo Drive, Los Angeles. August 8, 1969

We are approaching the anniversary of the Manson murders, which doesn’t mean as much in the rest of the world or even in the rest of America, as it does in Los Angeles.

For most, it’s a time to think of the death of the beautiful and pregnant Sharon Tate.. Murder in a hurry, by empty voids.
The women who happily grabbed the last breath and final heartbeat out of a screaming woman, begging for them to spare her and her unborn child’s life, were obviously ugly, unremarkable and incurably dull. This is why they couldn’t resist the crime – Like fat, repulsive teenagers who deface the pictures of models on billboard posters and magazines…Their jealous shopping list of emotions were a DNA deep cry of “I can’t shine, so why should they? ”
It’s tempting to suggest one wonders how Mr Manson, a short man with unfortunate facial hair and nought discernible talent, could become a guru…. But then virtually anyone can be a guru in California it just takes the will, not to mention in Britain, even, Noel Edmonds once had a following of a kind. Thus, I guess anything is possible.

Alas, this is America a place where people reach for “edge” by thinking being 45 and smacked out in a Hollywood carpark is “cool”. Worse its a place where people think attaching themselves to murder and serial killers makes them dark, offbeat, gritty and “Other”. Essentially, these people will like anything if, they think, it will make them look “Cool”.
People like Marilyn Manson ( of course his name is a juxtaposition of Monroe and Charles, of Hollywood tragedy and warped glam which plays and pays well via the forever suburban teens) and Trent Reznor , who is extremely talented but businessman “normal” , thus he borrows dark intelligence from Joy Division (a group of English street lads who created gothic art BUT who, like Siouxsie, would rather pack up shop and go and work in a Blackpool Bingo Hall than be labelled “gothic” in the boring late 20th century American sense) and by collecting possessions once owned by murders. He even purchased the house, Charles Manson, once owned, how pathetic is that

Thus, with all this in mind, it’s a predictable shame that the anniversary of the murders should cause media ripples that, intentionally or not, celebrate Manson and his followers.
If it was art being made, endeavours that looked into the human condition it would be fine, as art should examine the darkest impulses of the human condition and it’s tractor beam effect. I for one have spent a day too many in the True Crime section of Blackwell’s bookshop .
HOWEVER, what we have instead is a group of witless types writing articles that glamourise Manson and his gang- by the way, if I met a person who told me they were collecting recordings by Mark Chapman, I’d happily push them in front of a speeding tram like, Rita did to Alan Bradly, in Corrie.

There are actually club nights being held here in Los Angeles “Celebrating the Manson Murders” ( I have no idea how anyone can bring themselves to write the sentence “Celebrating the Manson Murders” as a tag line to a “Knees up” )
What makes me laugh is I know a few vegetarians going – If you wear a belt made of an animal that died in 1942 they would have a fit so big it would shake the Capital Records building, yet it’s fine to celebrate the killing of innocent humans.

Dorothy, we may not be far from Kansas but we are a universe away from England.

Personally, I always celebrate the life of Sharon Tate, at the time of year, a beautiful, stylish and open-hearted woman. It’s her fame that should continue, her face that should be remembered Not those of her killers.