NME And The Ever Decreasing Circles

Hilarious, the NME is going “Free” as of September (so I hear)
Not sure one can blame the mag entirely for its dwindling readership..I expect the staff were trying their best to keep people interested in last centuries popular art form…It’s not so much people have become bored of music, that will never happen. Its more they became bored with pop stars and that whole lark-not one person with a brain took any of the 90s British “indie” movement seriously (nice songs though) mainly as by that time there was no such thing as a new indie artist, at least in the music press. In spirit and/or record label, every new act was bought and sold to a major, worse than this every new act did as they were told … We all know the last true gasp of music rebellion was the 80s..In terms of Rock and Pop
Although, obviously Hip Hop was the last TRUELY important movement-just look at shows like Breaking Bad and the estate youth of Britain and America, they couldn’t care less about punk its none stop “Urban” to them…I would suggest Public Enemy and KRS1 were the last rebel voices…Nobody, actually thought The Janis Street Preachers, Pulp(ed) and BleakBox Recorder meant anything did they?
I have to say I love that the rag has gone free, thus it’s now officially about as credible as the Friday Ad…
That will teach them to lie and try and ruin artists careers, simply because said artists got fed up with they’re lying…
Lets be completely clear the music press was always a white, middle class, patriarchal circle jerk
Full of people playing the old game of “Authenticity” by Proxy..
Did they learn nothing from Warhol and Bowie?
Answer NO.
The sad thing is we have reached a time and place where some youth think talking about bands from the past makes them edgy..
As if 70s Bowie and Ramones have any edge in 2015..Jesus even a Haywards Heath Co Op worker is a tranny and no one cares.
Music was and has always been only entertainment – though “Only” can be a universe..Some hit a deeper vein than others..

I must admit during my skiving off school years, the late hateies, I used to take the Oxford Tube to London and walk for miles.
During these visits I would pop  into a place in  Soho that had old editions of NME,Melody Maker and  Sounds, among other titles, for sale in their basement..These I devoured, mainly for the Elvis,Kinks, Beatles, Bolan and Bowie stories.. Via the past I found my place… I even started reading some of the 90s scribblings- this was down to a band that seemed to share some of my shopping list, they were called Suede, and the comedy knock about interviews with Shaun Ryder…
There have been some great writers that have come from the music print world – Jon Savage, Paul Morely, Charles Shaar Murry, Stuart Maconie, Julie Burchill (more of a dramatist really) and,even, Nick Kent- although, I always thought he wished he was born as a pair of Kith Richards Y-fronts
Alas, the music press quickly became a “Hot House” for the news media arts/culture and  comment sections…And no one of worth wants to end up there. The shame.
I believe to be accepted into the modern music mags and start this journey, ones Dad must work in ‘The City” and ones Mum has to have been a groupie with Wings.

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