Racism In Reverse

It was a rainy day, in the desert town, so I sat down and watched a documentary about Elvis (my first fave and still one of my top fave’s all these slated years later) it was an enjoyable watch, alas I have forgotten the name of it and I can’t be bothered to google it- lazy I know, sue me sister.

During the documentary some decided to take Elvis to task for “Cultural appropriation” (oh, momma throw me a yawn, thankyouverymuch). This was regarding the hoary old criticism that Elvis stole from black music…Blah de BORING blah..
Well, this charge is true and its false…He did cover black artists BUT he also covered lots of white blue grass and county artists, furthermore lots of blues music actually has its roots in old country and Celtic folk songs …

Really, “cultural appropriation” (as its defined today) is a form of reversed racism, as its only really used, as an insult, against white people .

If you said “Oh no, a black person can’t study Wilde, Shakespeare or The Greek Philosophers, its taking from the white culture ” or “a black person can’t study classical music that’s white music” people would (rightly) have a fit, yet that is cultural appropriation…

In short (for the dim out there) culture at its very essence is cultural appropriation.

Yes, Elvis did take from black culture BUT then Prince stole wholesale from white artists, especially Bowie and new wave artists (whatever they are )

All that said , the truth is, lots of things Elvis and Bowie (and Prince) get praised for starting .. Little Richard did first

Speaking of racism and accused racism , all this Liam Neessan carry on , says more about the “click bait”, fake “outrage” of our times than it does about actual racism
In fact it seemed to me, to some the part about Liam thinking something ‘racist’, 30 years ago, was worse than a man raping a woman.. At least that’s what I was getting from the comments I’d read.
which can only make a logical being think “What a pathetic little culture we live in.”

Liam said his thoughts (30 years ago ) were wrong.. And guess what if someone you love is raped you may not think too clearly.. You may say and do something which may cause a stir in a library in Surrey..

Treating Liam Neeson like some hard to the core racist and placing him next to the Richard Spencers of this world does nobody any favours, in fact it helps real racists as they can hid among the muddle .

These are dim wit times, where fake outrage takes the place of considered opinion and where people use another’s momentary lack of virtue (imagined or otherwise) as an excuse for malice and pittyless attention seeking spite.

Life as it’s lived and sold today is fake. Films, music and books remain the real reality

The end


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