Cats life..

People dying, people not able to pay rent due to being laid off.. Canceled, this and closed down that..

However, I have to say, I feel sorry for the world’s cats.. Who are used to having the sunny spot on the bed to themselves, all day.. Able to glide around each room undisturbed.. The whole home their playground..

Now they have to endure being picked up and kissed every two minutes by a human, who won’t stop talking and whom is, seemingly, surgically attached to their smelly, biscuit crumb coated pyjamas. Who never leaves the house.
“what the hell has happened to my life” they must think.

Poor Kitty cats of the world.

Exile Smiling


To start, I should be clear, as much as I like Israel, I’m not keen on Zionist shills like For Britain but their leader Anne Marie waters seems ok to me, she is right when she says she isn’t extreme right wing, the extreme Muslims are.
However, I would add so are extreme Christians, extreme Catholics and extreme Jews. Also her youtube videos do have a habit of making her look like she’s in search of that last Xanex, she just can’t find.

When the singer Morrissey pinned his name to their cause and, on an American chat show , wore their pin on his lapel, it caused more outrage than follows a terrorist attack.
Headlines, a tsunami of social media attacks and even his records being banned from a record shop and advertising posters for his new LP being banished from Liverpool  train stations.
You would think the singer had abused an underage girl or sold crack to his mother or  hit a woman or showed his admiration for Hitler. All of which other music artists that are NOT banned from anywhere have done.
The simple truth is Morrissey, although often breaking taboo’s, has broken not one law-although he did once wear an ill-advised James Dean tie that, clearly,  should have been a criminal offence.
He hasn’t even said anything racist- in fact, he took the NME to court and won when they called him racist in the past.

I’ve said for a while, I tend to think,  Morrissey has deliberately caused this carry on over the last few years.  It seems to me Morrissey is aiming for exile – so Catholic him, so Wilde

Morrissey, it seems, wants to remain on the edge of the ledge. I think it was all getting a bit “knitted Morrissey”  for him. That is to say, too comfy and safe .

The way the press keep twisting things is hateful  BUT expected…..Also Morrissey is keen on winding the press up . There is a history.
I won’t rake up, the previously raked.  However, I did a post about a recent campaign against Morrissey that gives a sense of the background. Here is a link to the blog post  Operation Snide 

I’m not really political but I am a humanist that detests bullying and witch hunts….
Thus, I actually find it disgraceful when an elected official who is in a position of power
says what they say in the following tweet- apart from anything else it shows the official is so thick they either don’t read what is said or so dumb they don’t understand it.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 6.39.23 AM.png

The recent interview with the singer, that lead to the above tweet can be found  here

The main quote that has been abducted from its natural and actual surroundings, is in regards to immigration.
The singer, states that people prefer their own race.
He didn’t mean we all prefer our own race in terms of “I like white skin, I don’t like brown” or “white people are better than people of a different colour” .
Though of course, that is the story that’s gone global.

He was talking about the eternal truth of the human condition, that in the end, we are all more comfortable with what we are used to ..Which is why our childhood friends remain our best friends, which is why our home towns create a poetry of thought, so deep you can never outrun it ..Which is why the majority of people don’t move too far from the postcode they were born in .

If you go to any country you will see most nationalities group together with their own kind. All over England and America, the Muslim, Jewish and black communities tend to stick together.. In Europe and America, the Brits huddle together.
That’s just the way it goes

The fact this elected official, who looks like an ex-cast member from Albian Market, can say to someone they don’t belong in their own hometown is kind of shocking. Who gives anyone the right to say such a thing?
Morrissey has probably done more for Manchester than anyone or anything since the cotton industry- although Tony Warren isn’t too far behind.

What is more worrying is how very irresponsible and dangerous it is for an elected official to say what this MP said. Especially, in these savagely divided and violent times in British history.
It’s a “green light” to incite possible attacks on the singer and his kin- the singer still has an elderly mother and father who live in Manchester and Salford .

On top of that, just the sheer hypocrisy on show, is universe bending. Can you imagine if anyone, let alone an MP, said to a Muslim that because of their opinions they “shouldn’t be welcome ” in any town, let alone their home town. It would be all over the news, there would probably be legal action, loss of job and maybe even a fatwa.

Intellectually speaking,  England is yet to be fatally ruined, but make no mistake England is in ruins.


Salford Pub, 2012

The gig had finished and after I went to a pub that is placed where Manchester dies and where Salford is born
The usual comments and songs were thrown at me and I sat down at the bar.
I ordered a pint and then went out for some air
While standing there three toughs gathered at pace and started throwing homophobic abuse my way.

I think it was about to get physical when the girlfriend of one of them came over and told them said “Get the fuck away from him, leave him alone you fucking divs”
I didn’t think much of her turn of phrase BUT I was thankful for her appearance .

The girlfriend and I then talked about books as we walked back in the pub (she liked beat writers)..

The landlord and two barmen then approached me to see if I wanted the prats kicked out , they had followed me back in ..
I said “No , Im not offended ..I don’t think I have the bedroom tastes they think I have ”
They laughed and said “Are you sure you don’t?”
Me “I think so ”
The landlord said ” WELL WE DO have the “Tastes” they think you have Duckie, and we aint fuckin having it ”

I thought to myself is it impossible for anyone to say a sentence in the North without a swearword being elbowed in? and said “Well you may as well take their money ..If they start causing trouble then kick them out”

They thought that was a good idea and said I didn’t have to pay for drinks all night ..

When the twits were leaving the girlfriend who stepped in earlier said “bye” and spoke to the guy drinking with me … Once she went he said “You know she thought I was your boyfriend”
(the landlord and barman over heard and laughed )

Me “BUT I told her I wasn’t know..”

They all laughed and said at the same time “Nobody believes you ”

Me “What do you have to do around here walk around with spoken confessions of every bedroom partner you’ve ever had in your pocket to prove witch way you swing?”

Anyway , I left drunk as a Friday night pub wally and got lost trying to find my B&B in Salford … I spotted people in a car and went to ask directions .. They weren’t very happy as they were undercover fuzz watching a house ( I saw one of their badges )…It turns out they were of no use anyway as hadn’t heard of the street …

It was freezing and on I walked… Passed drunks laying in the road, passed couples making out in cars , passed what looked like a person breaking into a church and passed a woman beating up a man …
I saw a group of 20 somethings that were quite obviously junkies and thought I better risk it and see if they can help.. Otherwise I maybe found next to the garden wall of a council owned terraced house, frozen to death like Jack Nicholson in The Shinning ..
They were quite helpful even offering “A freebie” ( I declined)..Thanks to them I found my B&B within 10 minutes

I’ve never been to Salford since … However I liked it there .

“A restless city, alive and dying in the same breath..It’s the only place I can claim to know. A peculiar thing about Salford is it’s like a terrible might want to get away from it, but you can’t. So you stay.”

Shelagh Delaney