The conversation- With Van The Bus Driver

V “Are you veggie or vegan? ‘

Me ” I am veggie, yes..And I would be vegan if not for ice cream and Cadburys chocolate”

V “I thought you might be,” giggling.
“Bro, I don’t know how you lot do it ….Bro, I fuckin’ love meat ‘

Me, ignoring the reason for his giggles, I say
“Well, I’ve been veggie
For 26 years. However, I’m not in the veggie militia. I don’t judge people on these matters “

V ” Yes, you do seem chill and live and let live. im also live and let live, bro “

Me ” Live and let live?…Apart from when you want a meal that is? “

(Van, didn’t get it)

Van ” Bro, Do you mind if people eat meat in front of you?”

Me “I’d rather people didn’t, if it’s at all possible

It’s not that I’m trying to be awkward, it’s just that after so many years of not eating meat, watching someone eat a Sunday roast isn’t that dissimilar from a scene from Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust.. But again, im not trying to be a bother, if the dinner party are all happy eating Elizabeth Warren
the family bitch more than content to take my ” veggie option” and sit with Larry, the family cat, in the garden

Van ” BRO, I don’t eat dog. lol, Bro.
Not 💯 but for the most part I source my meat from ethically sourced farms that I’ve visited or raised myself.”

Me “Quite, I think Jeffrey Dahmer: souced and visited his meat “

(Van, didn’t get it )

The end

The Talking Gardens Of The USA

Americans and their garden signage are a curious thing..

You walk past these talking houses and you see placards telling you “Black lives matter” , ” Gay rights ” , ” Trans rights”
“Equality for women” …” I’m with jesus ”
and , for the goths ” I worship the devil ” ( this one is helpful as you know off the (flying) bat ..That lot are gonna be possibly over weight and certainly somewhat braindead )…. You get Xmas decor , Halloween decor , “Welcome to spring ” and ” I love Autumn ” bows.

You get the persons voting preference and pop culture choices as garage stickers …Their gate fittings,at times, tell you about their pets and they leave books to browse, borrow or keep ..They even leave take away philosophy quotes and homemade poems

In short the American garden is a social media post before social media was invented



Phoenix Nights

Some people are so predictable.
Joaquin gives a heart felt speech and an incel sea of bitterness fills social media.

I can understand it, there are a lot of fakes out there.. People who ride the wave of “identity politics” and glamour chase worthy causes merely for PR.
Fickle, dumb empty people.. Like Anal Hathaway.. A wonen who claimed to be veggie but kept getting caught eating burgers
.. Or Sam Smith a guy who says hes “gender fluid” but then admits to not even knowing what the tern means
Or the many stars who make ethical speeches only to go and act unethically, cheating on wives, blah blah blah . Claiming to be healthy and then snorting whatever comes their way etc etc

In Joaquins case none of this applies hes been fighting the good fight for years.
Personally I always liked him, I could see he carries alot of trauma… Theres a sadness of truth about him..
Daniel Day Lewis has it as well..

I see he’s been accused of being, “Woke” (in the derogatory sense of the word) .. I don’t think the people who use that term know what it means.
“Woke” is a term that was meant to mean enlightened.. Able to see the game-so, in that sense he is . But then quickly became a cynical political philosophy, where spit, ego, attention seeking and blatant fascism slide in the hashtag slipstream of ethical causes- this is what the professionally cynical and the permanently snide are saying he is but this is what he isn’t.

Joaquin is not part of that, he has the attention he could use it for many things.. He uses it to fight bullying, which is what racism, homophobia and animal abuse is.
He (and his family) have been doing it for decades.
Also, He actually took aim at the broken woke, when he talked about being against cancel culture.
Cancel culture is one of “Wokes” main disciplines, if not malicious aim

You know he could of went further when he attacked dairy.
Once the cow is the victim of artificial insemination, not only is the new born calf snatched from the, visibly upset, mother and the milk that is meant for the calf stolen by humans but humans then kill the calf, the mother is often near by and can hear the screams. Once the dairy cow reaches a certain age and stops producing milk, they kill her too.
To know this and to still partake in that process takes either serious heartless selfishness or nuclear grade cognitive dissonance

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