At last a truth- tattoo the name Angela Nagle

Now to some of us, this is all obvious ..And we have been saying it for years …BUT Angela Nagle says it very well, thus I thought I would dare to share .. Angela is an Irish writer, who show’s just how limited the writers in the “left” wing publication The Guardian really are-basically The Guardian, like nearly all the English news print world, are limp London media types who write whatever they are told to write, stab the back of anyone they are told to stab, lie about those who are only telling the truth. Cretins basically.

“I’m always amazed at the arrogance and the strangely imperial mentality of British and American pro–open borders progressives who believe that they are performing an act of enlightened charity when they “welcome” PhDs from eastern Europe or Central America driving them around and serving them food. In the wealthiest nations, open borders advocacy seems to function as a fanatical cult among true believers—a product of big business and free market lobbying is carried along by a larger group of the urban creative, tech, media, and knowledge economy class, who are serving their own objective class interests by keeping their transient lifestyles cheap and their careers intact as they parrot the institutional ideology of their industries. The truth is that mass migration is a tragedy, and upper-middle-class moralizing about it is a farce. Perhaps the ultra-wealthy can afford to live in the borderless world they aggressively advocate for, but most people need—and want—a coherent, sovereign political body to defend their rights as citizens.”

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The Left Case For Open Borders. By Angela Nagle