The Visitor- Raccoon About Town

The other evening, I was about to walk up the stairs to the garden.. When I saw movement..
The silhouette wasn’t human or cat, dog or any of the usual beings that sit or flit about the place.

Thus, I prepared myself to make a fast escape in case the being was either a bloodthirsty beast or a ghost from 1915 who had returned to complain about our choice of soft furnishings.

However, when the creature turned and the light lite up its face.. I saw that it was the famous masked fur ball, Rocky Racoon or at least one of his Zorro masked relatives.

I had never seen a raccoon in real life before.. This one wasn’t scared of me, at all.. We just stood looking at each other in a amused manner.

Two nights later, Mr Racoon decided to break into our trash and throw it around the garden.. I take it from this course of action either I offended Mr Racoon and this was his unruly form of protest.. Or he had found someones “stash” in the bushes, got high and partied.

The end