Billy Ray

It’s been an odd few weeks in Seattle, it seems I moved into the American epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic – some guys have all the luck.

Today, Seattle is now in utter lock down, I can’t help but feel its all a bit over the top- I have a feeling lots of people are pretending to be more anxious than they actually are, in order to get their employers to furnish them with a laptop and let them do the nine to five, at home, in their favorite pajamas

Nevertheless, the highways are hideaways , the center of town now merely caters for bags that swirl in the wind and the shop shelves hang wistful like a mausoleum afternoon

It’s even been banded about on social media, news print media, as well as on World Wide television media… That, due to the, Billy Ray, virus, we should no longer partake in the age old custom of “shaking hands”.. Even though the custom has been around since medieval times.. Surviving civil unrest, wars, the great plague and the career of Bonnie Langford.
I think it would be a shame if the custom died out, if only through fear of it being replaced by the French habit “Faire la bise” or social hugs – I’m all for hugging a loved one, but have always failed to divine why ANYONE would want to hug a stranger.

I remember around 1981,
The council estate I grew up on had a number of people in rattle vans that they would plod around and push their product from .. There was a mobile library , a sweet van, a fish van (P U K E), a chip van and also a couple of soda pop pushers, who would sell their one liter delights, come pink skinned summer.
Whats curious to me in 2020 is the name of the pop being pushed was Corna.
Could it be, it was these sunny afternoon frizz pop slingers that were the real genesis of the modern day killer?

It’s worth maybe nothing, but I will note that one of the Corna delivery boys had three nipples.
The tough and tumble kids would play football on the grass, then stop their game and say “look its three nipples”
If I was nearby, I’d run home to the safety of my bedroom. I didn’t know if his spare nipple was a symbol of something more sinister.
More than that the thought of having three nipple made me anxious .. I didn’t know what to do with the two I had.

In spite of COVID-19 I have managed to scout around Seattle and have found another area I like….Magnolia.
It’s only a mile away from where I live – basically I walk out the front door and over a bridge (see picture)


It’s, rather, expensive there but is one of those Whistle Stop Cafe type villages-Lewes, in the UK, kind of, has that kinda feel, also.
That is, if Whistle Stop Cafe was in the Northwest and populated by lots of Catholics and Jews-I’ve come to notice, nearly, all my fave parts of the world are Catholic and/or Jewish

In Magnolia, the views are fantastic and the houses range from bungalow to Parasite style modernism.
It manages to keep alive that sense of white picket fence 50s Americana- toy town style Fire stations, garden furniture and so on.

Magnolia, Is where my wife used to own a home , which is probably worth a million now…
I try to be supportive with a “well, money isn’t everything ..You like romance and adventure ”
However, I think if I was her I’d take out legal action against certain British pop stars and authors, for bending her mind enough to give all that up.

Speaking of The Wife, she said last night (after I explained why getting up early doesn’t agree with me)
“You people from working class stock are meant to be hardy but really you are wimps, you cant cope with anything”

I advised most are hardy.. Unfortunately, her Quality Street selection was one of the softer centers.

She didn’t laugh, I also got the distinct impression she would never buy Quality Streets again.

The end

Amber Alert

The tale of the tape- Amber and Johnny

“It’s sick the media are treating this case like its

entertainment, this is just men waiting to catch women out..I mean that TikTok video about Make-Up, it’s not like she said she wore that”

I can understand the frustration and we are now probably in a post-Metoo moment – which is sad considering the crap lots of women have and will always endure.

However, lots of people are commenting without even listening to the case – if they would of they would have known Amber’s lawyer DID keep mentioning a certain make-up brand and had to change track when the internet shot back, showing said brand wasn’t even out, at that point in time.

More than this, its clear to see Amber is keen to out-crazy the Joan Crawford character in Mommy Dearest- Amber in 10 years will be a goto in the cult queer universe

Amber drag queens will fill our screens.

During the case, you can see how cretinous her “experts” are. how utterly unlikable and let’s be honest, thick

Then you compare Johnnys, likeable, skilled and so on.

Johnny had loyal friends come and speak up, crying as they could see the pain that he had been was in.

Amber had her sister, who seemed scared to death of Amber.

I think the fact Kate Moss took time out of her diary, to state the truth for Johnny was a powerful moment, and the respect the court had for her, was warming to see.

The anti-Johnny brigade says “It’s not about being liked, it’s not about if she lies, it’s about abuse”

KInda true, so you point out, she has no evidence of her abuse, so all you can go on is character and hers is rotten to the core of her core.

Lie upon a lie is stacked up like an all-you-can-eat pancake pile.

As far as “abuse’ is concerned, it’s clear Johnny was the victim of abuse. You don’t have to be a super sleuth to see the truth, it’s as clear as first sunlight, in a darkened room, when you take the time to watch the court case

The desperate, then throw their hands up in the air, grasping to grip on a winning take and say ” Well it’s bigger than one case, it’s important women are believed”.

This is true, which is why most of us are anti-Amber, she has done more to ruin the Metoo movement, than any other human, in the history of Earth

May be an image of 1 person and indoor




You do Ron, Ron.

What will happen tomorrow?

Nobody, knows…BUT one tomorrow, you bet your last dollar, somebody will go

This time it was Ronnie.

The Ronettes, were, almost the perfect girl band, attitude, looks and fantastic songs.

They even managed to produce a Christmas LP that was so good, you could listen to it in June

Their songs were like teenage mini drive-in movies and in turn, their songs seemed to have been used in countless films.

For me, they seemed more “street” than the rest of the girl bands. hip and pretty, nobodies pushovers

At the point in time, When the Ronettes arrived, it seemed like only America produced, such savvy women.
Ronnie was the stylish focal point of the band, the leader of the gang. .. She manages, to make any photo dramatic, simply by being in it.

She will be missed.

Phil Spector, Los Angeles CA, Gold Star Studios. With Veronica Bennett (Ronnie Spector).

Active Measures

Odd time to live in a country in a time of decay, the end of empire.

When I grew up in England, Empire had ended, by the time I was born. In America, it’s a living history

LA, Is in noway what it used to be BUT it wears it well. A faded glam, bitch,, Who’s seen the sights and can tell tales. There is a bizarre sense of absurdity, people from in LA have, that gets them through. Plus, CA, as a whole … Is its own country

BUT America, as a whole.. Oh, momma, its a sad sight.. The education level is so low, that there is severe inefficacy, on almost every level…And inbuilt inability to move beyond basic teenage ego , and sociopathy.. Means its ripe for mind control and false prophets Russia saw this years ago, hence Active Measures I expect, Elon will end up moving to China, he already is ignoring American trends and hooking up with them.

Look Away, From Don’t Look Up

On Christmas eve I sat down to watch Netflix and their much-hyped self made film Don’t Look UP.
The cast was good enough… Leonardo, Jennifer and Meryl gave stable performances and Cate Blanchett stole the show.
I thought it was ok but it’s a bit overrated, no?

Yes, we get it… A comet coming to wipe out Earth is an allegory for the environment, the truth sayers battle the naysayers. Human life is so basic people chase “clout” rather than meaning or even love

They would deny the truth and get in the way of saving the world, simply for ratings

Nearly every adult is lost, unfulfilled..

They grew up, got a job, knocked out some kids, became the king of their castle, But then the pack leave home, and noisy house, now empty home..Sitting by a phone that never rings, staring desperate and lost at digital screens. . Ripe for manipulation.

Meanwhile…Teens can smell the desperation on adults BUT they gave up on revolution, “Too many snags”: as David pointed out.

So, they skate around and they get stoned…

Metaphor, analogy, allegory, hang as obvious as nooses hanging humans from light fittings in Calgary

Everyone Know. Everyone Goes.


Hi Im Burt Reynolds

I don’t know much about Bronski Beat and even less about Steve Bronski BUT I do know 61 doesn’t seem that old, from where im standing… Thus I wish Steve well in the next part of his journey,

Everyone knows, everyone goes but we waste time pretending this isn’t the case

Like anyone who grew up in the 80s, I was well aware of the Smalltown Boy video. I liked the song but I wasn’t that keen on the band.. They seemed like nice people though, better than than Kajagoogoo, anyway.

Of course, I was a child when the video would play on Music Box ( a cable channel in the UK). So, I didn’t know why they were picking on little Jimmy..

However, I did glean it was wrong and of course,I sensed that this is what goes on in the world beyond the safety of our garden gate

All Jimmy was doing was being friendly and smiling at someone he liked, before jumping in the pool, hoping to Christ he didn’t bump into someones floating corn plaster.

The bigger kids on the estate would point out “You don’t know why? It’s cause he’s gay! ” This to me, didn’t seem a good enough reason. I didn’t concur with their logic All these years later, I still don’t think “It’s cause he is gay “. That would put “blame” on Jimmy..

Nope, its because they were nasty tiny minded bullies, the issue was with them, not with Jimmy.

That was my instinct
I say all this, as it’s easy to belittle, it’s easy to dismiss pop stars and pop music…However, That little video had as much power as a million Pride marches and more social impact than a 50 years worth of Tate modern rebel art

The Omni Con

“Hey Doc
Nobody gives a toss about covid, anymore, it’s so 2020, people are French kissing in the street, you know with tongues and everything.
How do we control them and get them to stay in…?
We tried The commie China covid …Nodoy cared
We tried calling one Delta,it sounded forceful D E L T A.Nobody cared
We gotta make this one good, how about we call it “Omicron”, it sounds just like a supervillain from a Marvel comic..
Then we should say it comes from black Africa and to make it extra scary say it comes from an aids victim”

Remember kids
Omicron is an anagram forMoronic

This author is not anti-vax, I do not think Covid was a conspiracy, as such.
However, I did say in January of 2020 that the virus probably came from a lab in China- I was treated like a mad man and called racist. and had social media comments taken down.. However, NOW most people accept it came from there. Where is the apology for those of us who dared to be right?

I did also say that although Covid wasn’t a conspiracy, as such .. I did think there was a cover-up ( there was there still is.
Watch how the attention-seeking Mr Fauci acts and how he tries to wriggle and worm his way out of his connection with the Wuhan lab and redefine the definition of ” Gain Of Function”
It’s pretty clear the virus has been used as a control method.

Lots of us did our bit, we had our two jabs ..We were told that’s all we needed and once the link between death and covid was broken, “normal ” life would return …No more masks, we could travel the world and the seven seas.
That hasn’t happened

As I type its been announced that there is gonna be a mandate that everyone in New York who works in the public sector will have to have the third jab if they want to work .
Millions are forced into having the jab, if they want to be able to earn money.
How long until this mandate spreads around America and jumps to the UK

In short, when will it end?

Beat The Clock

I just watched a documentary about being a Mod and various other British Youth cults.

As much as I like some of the art and people that come from these subcultures, I personally could never sign myself up and be a member.

It all just seemed so limited, shoehorning yourself into a way of life. In a way its not a universe away from joining the army – men often need that feeling of being in a gang, a movement and creating some sense of purpose.. Which is usually fake , once you get out a pen ,paper and ontological microscope to study it .

All, that said , it became clear to me the other day , that if pressed I would have to admit the philosophy , look , feel and art of the Beat movement was something I related to hugely, as a teen. In fact I only let go of its hand about 12 years ago – I’m aware to be “hip” you have to pretend you are above the Beats and see through them, you have to say you much prefer the French Left Bank writers and that, frankly, you think On The Road is childish boys games. Such is life.

I guess, “Beat” is something you is or isn’t there isn’t much you can do about it. Bit like being homosexual in a way.

To be “Beat”, isn’t about going on a gap year before going on to Uni or touring Europe or America when you are in your teens/early 20s (as romantic as that is) and then living in London or NY city for the rest of your days…..A provincialist with a city a view form your kitchen window.

Nope, to be “Beat” is to be a full time adventurer (the art is a byproduct of that) ..Movement is premaritally forward and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

The end

Seattle Blue Collar Stories

Last day of working with Seattle’s blue-collar ..Before returning to the land of remote administration Have to say it was an amusing mix of On The Buses, Mind Your Language and Tucker Carlson

These people, EVERY day, on EVERY break, would trash any left-leaning idea while showing they live in the land of total conspiracy-this is coming from someone who is critical of the modern “left”

I haven’t worked with “everyday people” for a while and to my horror found a number of white folk in the US now speak as if they are making Twatter updates- that’s to say a series of short rants in place of actual conversation.

One man, Mr Bombay was so anti-Muslim and Pro-Trump , every time he spoke I heard “ Thou doth Protest too much “

Another guy, Mr Hong Kong, was truly lost to the land of Youtube conspiracy theories. One day, swat team vans sped by, he said, more than once “ That’s the Democrats trying to take our guns away” – ie this is a pretend event to scare Americans to give up guns.

Then we had Mr Polish and his Tommy Robson rants – he ( like a number of Tommy’s lot) was deeply against homosexuality, which confirmed what I always thought when certain gays show “firm” support for Tommy, believe me if it was up to this lot the gays would be not too far under the Muslims on their “ Rid the country of… “ list.

Speaking of which there were one or two decent People I met, Mr BeardedQueen,. 26 and recently married. He had a fondness for mushrooms and was funny and Win, a 21-year-old student from Vietnam. Win, is 6ft and teenage thin, with flawless Asian skin and trendy jet black side-parted hair. His family owns three homes in SF and a nightclub in ‘Nam. He said, “ That is their money, I must make my own”. He also said, one day, he may create a site called “Winbay” ….. Which for some reason I found hilarious

In all, it was kinda scary to see, how far the tentacles of lies reach into the publics mindsI actually half-expected , one of the workers to come to work with a machine gun and spray bullets into our bodies

Sean Lock

Sean was, maybe, one of Englands most underrated comedy acts .
He came into focus at a time when The Mighty Bossh , Russell Brand, Ricky Gervaise and Eddie Izzard were blasting pop culture.
These were the “pop stars” of comedy, if you will. International names that were Hollywood known .
Sean was a more a English local affair, working the road with his stand up and appearing on telly.
This wasn’t a reflection of his talents, more his wants. He seemed quiet happy with his set up

Besides, along the way, Sean managed to co create one of the UK’s better sit coms., 15 Storeys High.
Was I a fan of this show? You bet your grandmother …..Or to answer another way “Yes, I was”

In fact it irks me greatly that the media have announced Seans passing with the disappointing

“ Sean Lock, star out of 8 Out Of Ten Cats dies” ,

8 Out Of Ten Cats is a successful C4 entertainment show…BUT its hardly art, 15 Storeys High, is art.,
This, as well as his stand up, is what Sean should be remembered for.

Sean was both co creator and star, of 15 Stories High, a show that hooked me, as soon as I saw it, one boring English night.

The show started out as a radio comedy around 2000 , before moving to TV a couple of years later.
Filmed in the great British tradition of drab reality, the show follows Seans character Vince Clark, a depressed hermit (how could I not relate?) who sardonically navigates the day to day…Mostly from his. tower block flat , in London . Vince shares his flat with his side kick/ whipping boy Errol Spears, played brilliantly, by Benedict Wong.

Subjectively , this is one of the better British sitcoms and objectively its one of the better, British sitcoms .The trouble was another sitcom, that also followed two friends sharing a flat in London, blasted on to the scene and, almost immoderately, secured its place as one, if not “The” greatest British Sitcoms ever This was the remarkable “Peep Show”-
I would guess Peep Show was influenced by 15 Storeys High , however Im not sure its ever been officially credited .

Sadly, 15 Stories High, only ran for two seasons and now seems to have been almost forgotten apart form me and 106 other people, who forgot to get a life .

Still, life is about the moments and I am grateful to Sean for improving some of mine.

The conversation- With Van The Bus Driver

V “Are you veggie or vegan? ‘

Me ” I am veggie, yes..And I would be vegan if not for ice cream and Cadburys chocolate”

V “I thought you might be,” giggling.
“Bro, I don’t know how you lot do it ….Bro, I fuckin’ love meat ‘

Me, ignoring the reason for his giggles, I say
“Well, I’ve been veggie
For 26 years. However, I’m not in the veggie militia. I don’t judge people on these matters “

V ” Yes, you do seem chill and live and let live. im also live and let live, bro “

Me ” Live and let live?…Apart from when you want a meal that is? “

(Van, didn’t get it)

Van ” Bro, Do you mind if people eat meat in front of you?”

Me “I’d rather people didn’t, if it’s at all possible

It’s not that I’m trying to be awkward, it’s just that after so many years of not eating meat, watching someone eat a Sunday roast isn’t that dissimilar from a scene from Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust.. But again, im not trying to be a bother, if the dinner party are all happy eating Elizabeth Warren
the family bitch more than content to take my ” veggie option” and sit with Larry, the family cat, in the garden

Van ” BRO, I don’t eat dog. lol, Bro.
Not 100 % but for the most part I source my meat from ethically sourced farms that I’ve visited or sourced myself.”

Me “Quite, I think Jeffrey Dahmer: souced and visited his meat “

(Van, didn’t get it )

The end