Beat The Clock

I just watched a documentary about being a Mod and various other British Youth cults.

As much as I like some of the art and people that come from these subcultures, I personally could never sign myself up and be a member.

It all just seemed so limited, shoehorning yourself into a way of life. In a way its not a universe away from joining the army – men often need that feeling of being in a gang, a movement and creating some sense of purpose.. Which is usually fake , once you get out a pen ,paper and ontological microscope to study it .

All, that said , it became clear to me the other day , that if pressed I would have to admit the philosophy , look , feel and art of the Beat movement was something I related to hugely, as a teen. In fact I only let go of its hand about 12 years ago – I’m aware to be “hip” you have to pretend you are above the Beats and see through them, you have to say you much prefer the French Left Bank writers and that, frankly, you think On The Road is childish boys games. Such is life.

I guess, “Beat” is something you is or isn’t there isn’t much you can do about it. Bit like being homosexual in a way.

To be “Beat”, isn’t about going on a gap year before going on to Uni or touring Europe or America when you are in your teens/early 20s (as romantic as that is) and then living in London or NY city for the rest of your days…..A provincialist with a city a view form your kitchen window.

Nope, to be “Beat” is to be a full time adventurer (the art is a byproduct of that) ..Movement is premaritally forward and there isn’t anything you can do about it.

The end

Cancel House

“Cancel Culter ” is a culture born of the modern “Left”
Its a movement derived from self-appointed tastemakers deciding what fits in with their moral/ethical belief systems.
These systems, these days are packed and labelled as “Woke”. They are essentially based on well-meaning but abstract idea’s that used to only be found birthed, breathing and dead on the college campus.
“Woke”, used to be a student phase, like listening to Devo, watching Dogme 95 cinema, having bi-sexual threesomes, thinking wearing a shirt with the buttons done up the wrong way makes you eccentric, wearing an Ironic T-shirt means you are rebellious and thinking everyone in the world must know you are “Pansexual, actually”- even though you don’t know what it means and are really just “ambidextrous “
These idea’s never could stand toe to toe with the reality of the “real world” ..Thus, they were thrown away within the first day of leaving University (along with henna hair dye, army jackets with slogans written on them with marker pen, Manic Street Preacher’s and John Grant merchandise and the books of Martin Aimless…I mean Martin Amis.
That was the old world, at least …In the new world, over the last 10 years, the rules of the campus became the guiding hand of the media.
Twitter, FB, Reddit and 4chain created an audience for extremes. The “kettling” effect of modern algorithms pushed each tribe into a cyber reality that only reflected their own idea’s of reality. Isolation breeds distortion.
The right-wing became a more extreme version of itself, the left became a more extreme version of itself … So extreme in some ways, it’s now more fascist than the actual right

These days “woke” is the mainstream and if you don’t want to subscribe you are “Cancelled”. ’cause you see there is no sense in modern life.

Surely, a movement that seeks to “cancel” art, is fascist by very nature?

The worst thing is, often the cancelling isn’t even done for moral reasons, the outcry is usually just from some “journalist ” or blogger, trying to make their name by ruining another’s- an old trick, that the modern call “Trolling”
The hunter aims to kill it’s prey, with accusations of lack of virtue. Whether there is no lack is here nor there.
Its all click to the bait

Salford Pub, 2012

The gig had finished and after I went to a pub that is placed where Manchester dies and where Salford is born
The usual comments and songs were thrown at me and I sat down at the bar.
I ordered a pint and then went out for some air
While standing there three toughs gathered at pace and started throwing homophobic abuse my way.

I think it was about to get physical when the girlfriend of one of them came over and told them said “Get the fuck away from him, leave him alone you fucking divs”
I didn’t think much of her turn of phrase BUT I was thankful for her appearance .

The girlfriend and I then talked about books as we walked back in the pub (she liked beat writers)..

The landlord and two barmen then approached me to see if I wanted the prats kicked out , they had followed me back in ..
I said “No , Im not offended ..I don’t think I have the bedroom tastes they think I have ”
They laughed and said “Are you sure you don’t?”
Me “I think so ”
The landlord said ” WELL WE DO have the “Tastes” they think you have Duckie, and we aint fuckin having it ”

I thought to myself is it impossible for anyone to say a sentence in the North without a swearword being elbowed in? and said “Well you may as well take their money ..If they start causing trouble then kick them out”

They thought that was a good idea and said I didn’t have to pay for drinks all night ..

When the twits were leaving the girlfriend who stepped in earlier said “bye” and spoke to the guy drinking with me … Once she went he said “You know she thought I was your boyfriend”
(the landlord and barman over heard and laughed )

Me “BUT I told her I wasn’t know..”

They all laughed and said at the same time “Nobody believes you ”

Me “What do you have to do around here walk around with spoken confessions of every bedroom partner you’ve ever had in your pocket to prove witch way you swing?”

Anyway , I left drunk as a Friday night pub wally and got lost trying to find my B&B in Salford … I spotted people in a car and went to ask directions .. They weren’t very happy as they were undercover fuzz watching a house ( I saw one of their badges )…It turns out they were of no use anyway as hadn’t heard of the street …

It was freezing and on I walked… Passed drunks laying in the road, passed couples making out in cars , passed what looked like a person breaking into a church and passed a woman beating up a man …
I saw a group of 20 somethings that were quite obviously junkies and thought I better risk it and see if they can help.. Otherwise I maybe found next to the garden wall of a council owned terraced house, frozen to death like Jack Nicholson in The Shinning ..
They were quite helpful even offering “A freebie” ( I declined)..Thanks to them I found my B&B within 10 minutes

I’ve never been to Salford since … However I liked it there .

“A restless city, alive and dying in the same breath..It’s the only place I can claim to know. A peculiar thing about Salford is it’s like a terrible might want to get away from it, but you can’t. So you stay.”

Shelagh Delaney

Rupert Everrett, The Vanishing Years

Meant to read this book a few years ago BUT didn’t get around to it until last night – the regret of not having read sooner will haunt.
Thus far its completely hilarious … It has plenty of made for bold print throw away lines , for instance of Alastair Campbell , “big, badly dressed and sexy, and his sad eyes looked medicated… a big knobbly nose that was made for aggression or at least cunnilingus’, and on On Simon Schama ”One of those peculiar fey straights, a male lesbian, more dangerous even than the lesbian herself (when riled).”

In the space of the opening few chapters he has discussed bumping into Anita Pallenberg and over hearing her cravings for pain killers. Of course, Anita used to give Keith Richards blow jobs as he drove around Europe , which may sound “Exciting” but shows scant regard to the highway code in my opinion .
He then goes on to explain tumbling attempts at heterosexual bonding in the cinema while watching Performance , before telling of his escape, via a open unmanned fire escape, from the show The Apprentice , which found him hiding in The Ritz and darting down to KIngs Cross, imagining he now knows what it’s like to be in a spy film one minute and then in the film The Lady Vanishes the next
At the moment I’m just reading about how he nearly got caught in a gay sex expose for America’s National Enquirer…..


Ezra Furman 16/05/2018

Last night I went to see one of the very few newish acts I like ..The venue was on W and 7th ,in Los Angeles, (which around certain corners is rather like NY in 1992)
On entering the venue I saw the crowd was full of what lifes dividers call “millennials”, not wanting to be mistaken for anyones over protective father I found somewhere out the way I could lean and stayed there …
Happily the place started filling up with “older ” folk after the support fled , it didn’t really make much difference but it was nice not being the eldest person in the gaff…Its a minor concern but I didn’t want anyone to think I had strayed in expecting to see Bonnie Tyler

It just so happened Ezra Furman, the pop turn in question, had been standing alone watching the support and on his way to the apply his stage lippy before show time he passed by said “hello” and then waved and went in the stage door ..Alas I thought he was communicating with someone behind me, it took me 10 mins to realise the only thing behind me was a wall.

He was surprisingly thin in the way lots of us at his age were, too busy getting by to eat anything more complicated than toast or if feeling more daring , Weetabix.

Come show lights , Ezra come on in a black dinner dress and white plastic beads , looking like a feral child that was escaping life as a mannequin in a thrift shop window.
He reminded me of the character Georgette in Last Exit To Brooklyn or at least Alexis Arquette when he played Georgette in the movie version of Last Exit To Brooklyn ..
In short its queerdom in a very NY way .
Ezra is still in his artist stage , mostly untroubled by commerce ..Catch him while you can’t .

Cruising, The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, has been dominating the Worlds television schedules for five years now, in that time (like any TV show) there have been peaks and troths from edge of the seat viewing to “This is just boring “ snooze episodes. The show has managed to channel George A. Romero classics , Lord Of The Flies and even at times The Waltons- albeit a version where everyone says “Goodnight John Boy” only to wake up and have to shoot John Boy in the head, because they found him trying to eat their feet in a zombie frenzy.

The world the characters try to survive in, is one that’s seen civilisation shake and crumble, humanity tested and at times abandoned altogether – betrayals, murder, torture and even a spot of cannibalism (hows that for eventful TV, you didn’t get that on The Thorn Birds ) . Often the search for hope seems hopeless – why bother waking up if all the day holds is long monologues about nothing in particular, breaking into abandoned shops to rescue pizzas that went out of date four years before and, of course, the on going threat of being a “Walkers “ mid day snack or murdered by depraved members of other gangs, often times people meet both fates. Making new friends seems utterly pointless as you just know within a month they will be found “Turned” in a field, eating someone’s dis-guarded tattooed arm.
As a viewer, the show still holds interest but I have to say there have been times when at least 7 episodes of two different seasons , seemed completely pointless. Hour after hour of shots of lone human ponderously strolling through fields or forests, while looking into the middle distance.
Scene after scene of avoidable gruesome zombie attacks, that bombard the screen with blood and guts and fill the air with the sound of crunching bone and ripping flesh. All the while an actual story line seems out of reach.
It’s almost as if the screen writers are stuck in loop, often repeating story lines and character types. Rick and the gang stuck in the game of repeat and replay. For instance they seem to keep meeting an arch villain, whom is an merely an up graded version of a nemesis they dealt with a season or two before – Thus, Shane begat The Governor who begat Negan. It’s almost as if the writers have just one idea for a villain and rather than create a whole new one they simply update the last one by making him more disturbed, more twisted, more theatrical and, some what, camp. I’m half expecting the next villain to be a manic, sadistic, evil version of Little Richard, whom breaks into joyful yelps and screams as he wipes out the dead and the living alike with a swish of his pink polished killer sharp nails.
Actually. I would suggest the new Walking Dead has a covert gay strand.
Negan, in his George Michael Faith era stubble, Leather jacket and jeans combo, is the homo supreme, waving his firm big bat around, like a character in Un chant d’amour, in order to gain love and respect.
To drill the point home he used his “Weapon” to helicopter two characters to death, in, the much complained about, ] episode one…
After this he then laid the cuckold on Rick. He belittled him. He humiliated him in front of his home crowd.Rick the leader became Rick subservient
However his real prize, his true desire is Daryl..
Thus, in one the last episodes to win his love , means to make him “Switch teams” ..
How to do this? Well, its obvious, just throw him, naked, in a closet and play a form of show tune on a loop. Negan even offers Daryl a world of soft furnishing and a pair of new shoes should he “come out the closet” anew.
How can any heart resist?