Remembering the time…

This song, No Tomorrow, just came on while i was packing.

I had to laugh at a memory…

My wife and I were walking around Lewes and she said
” I really like that new Suede song No Tomorrow, its sooo Brett when he says ” I would never wear tracksuit trousers”.. Thats what I like about him he’s no chav”

I side stepped the sartorial snobbery and discussion of the term “chav” and my own background , as it had already been discussed various times and she remained unmoved from her stance

I merely replied “What are you on about, he doesn’t mention whether he is for and against sportswear in any song on the LP … I think what you are referring to is the line * A cadaver in tracksuit trousers* ”

She said ” Oh, is that what he says, still I bet Brett does hate the kind of people who where tracksuit trousers, he’s  too good for them..”
I smirked and changed the subject, you just can’t meddle with a Women’s romantic notions towards men they like.. They hang tight to their dreams … No reasoning will ever work .

The end