Names of the days seem meaningless, now .

It’s getting to the time, where you start to forget just how long you’ve been in “Lockdown” …
The initial novelty value of being able to work from home in your pajamas and talk to your cat  has worn so thin it no longer exists.

No matter how much you love your partner, after so many days stuck together,  you can’t help but feel like the Paul Sheldon character in the film Misery .  If you live alone, there is no escape, you are both Paul Sheldon and Annie Wilkes.
Lots of us who were working from home, now find ourselves put on “furlough” ( another way of saying laid off, without pay, until, something like, normal  business resumes) . Just how do you pay your way, with no way to generate income?

As each day passes another, strand of “life” vanishes .  Seeing people fight over toilet roll, a reminder of how “flimsy” “Society” actually is .

Still, what is one person’s hell, is another person’s paradise.. If you are an adrenaline addict, you no longer have to go and climb a mountain freestyle, race a fast car or jump from an aeroplan… All you have to do, to get your weekly dose of danger, is walk to the local convenience store….If you see someone cough, it’s akin to seeing a Muslim suicide bomber approaching ….
If someone steps too close, you jump back as if a London midnight mugger is trying to stab you
In some ways a dash to the local shop resembles the scenes from The Walking Dead , when characters brave the zombie apocalypse, in order to get a case of  Oxo cubes, or whatever other items remain , in a pre looted, abandoned supermarket.

In a way, I would rather dodge the walking dead than avoid the Coronavirus,  at least you can see a Zombie..
If one comes towards you, you merely turn into Usain Bolt and  run away or do a nifty two step and hit it over the head with a spade, before taking a bow and carrying on your way.

If you are unlucky enough to get bitten, you know you are infected and you take yourself off to the general location of your least favorite family member, wait until you “turn” and eat them .

With Covid-19, things aren’t so defined. You can’t see it coming. It’s everywhere, it’s nowhere..You just don’t know.

You can return from the shop .. Start coughing, convinced you have the virus you draw up a will ..Say all your goodbyes to family and friends ..Only to feel better a few days later and have to ask for all the possessions, you gifted,, back….
Alternatively, you can return from the shop,  rose cheeked from fresh air , feeling fit and hearty, only to drop dead a week later .

If life was fair, God would let us return this year 2020 and swap it for another.
Ah well….

Cruising, The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead, has been dominating the Worlds television schedules for five years now, in that time (like any TV show) there have been peaks and troths from edge of the seat viewing to “This is just boring “ snooze episodes. The show has managed to channel George A. Romero classics , Lord Of The Flies and even at times The Waltons- albeit a version where everyone says “Goodnight John Boy” only to wake up and have to shoot John Boy in the head, because they found him trying to eat their feet in a zombie frenzy.

The world the characters try to survive in, is one that’s seen civilisation shake and crumble, humanity tested and at times abandoned altogether – betrayals, murder, torture and even a spot of cannibalism (hows that for eventful TV, you didn’t get that on The Thorn Birds ) . Often the search for hope seems hopeless – why bother waking up if all the day holds is long monologues about nothing in particular, breaking into abandoned shops to rescue pizzas that went out of date four years before and, of course, the on going threat of being a “Walkers “ mid day snack or murdered by depraved members of other gangs, often times people meet both fates. Making new friends seems utterly pointless as you just know within a month they will be found “Turned” in a field, eating someone’s dis-guarded tattooed arm.
As a viewer, the show still holds interest but I have to say there have been times when at least 7 episodes of two different seasons , seemed completely pointless. Hour after hour of shots of lone human ponderously strolling through fields or forests, while looking into the middle distance.
Scene after scene of avoidable gruesome zombie attacks, that bombard the screen with blood and guts and fill the air with the sound of crunching bone and ripping flesh. All the while an actual story line seems out of reach.
It’s almost as if the screen writers are stuck in loop, often repeating story lines and character types. Rick and the gang stuck in the game of repeat and replay. For instance they seem to keep meeting an arch villain, whom is an merely an up graded version of a nemesis they dealt with a season or two before – Thus, Shane begat The Governor who begat Negan. It’s almost as if the writers have just one idea for a villain and rather than create a whole new one they simply update the last one by making him more disturbed, more twisted, more theatrical and, some what, camp. I’m half expecting the next villain to be a manic, sadistic, evil version of Little Richard, whom breaks into joyful yelps and screams as he wipes out the dead and the living alike with a swish of his pink polished killer sharp nails.
Actually. I would suggest the new Walking Dead has a covert gay strand.
Negan, in his George Michael Faith era stubble, Leather jacket and jeans combo, is the homo supreme, waving his firm big bat around, like a character in Un chant d’amour, in order to gain love and respect.
To drill the point home he used his “Weapon” to helicopter two characters to death, in, the much complained about, ] episode one…
After this he then laid the cuckold on Rick. He belittled him. He humiliated him in front of his home crowd.Rick the leader became Rick subservient
However his real prize, his true desire is Daryl..
Thus, in one the last episodes to win his love , means to make him “Switch teams” ..
How to do this? Well, its obvious, just throw him, naked, in a closet and play a form of show tune on a loop. Negan even offers Daryl a world of soft furnishing and a pair of new shoes should he “come out the closet” anew.
How can any heart resist?