Sean Lock

Sean was, maybe, one of Englands most underrated comedy acts .
He came into focus at a time when The Mighty Bossh , Russell Brand, Ricky Gervaise and Eddie Izzard were blasting pop culture.
These were the “pop stars” of comedy, if you will. International names that were Hollywood known .
Sean was a more a English local affair, working the road with his stand up and appearing on telly.
This wasn’t a reflection of his talents, more his wants. He seemed quiet happy with his set up

Besides, along the way, Sean managed to co create one of the UK’s better sit coms., 15 Storeys High.
Was I a fan of this show? You bet your grandmother …..Or to answer another way “Yes, I was”

In fact it irks me greatly that the media have announced Seans passing with the disappointing

“ Sean Lock, star out of 8 Out Of Ten Cats dies” ,

8 Out Of Ten Cats is a successful C4 entertainment show…BUT its hardly art, 15 Storeys High, is art.,
This, as well as his stand up, is what Sean should be remembered for.

Sean was both co creator and star, of 15 Stories High, a show that hooked me, as soon as I saw it, one boring English night.

The show started out as a radio comedy around 2000 , before moving to TV a couple of years later.
Filmed in the great British tradition of drab reality, the show follows Seans character Vince Clark, a depressed hermit (how could I not relate?) who sardonically navigates the day to day…Mostly from his. tower block flat , in London . Vince shares his flat with his side kick/ whipping boy Errol Spears, played brilliantly, by Benedict Wong.

Subjectively , this is one of the better British sitcoms and objectively its one of the better, British sitcoms .The trouble was another sitcom, that also followed two friends sharing a flat in London, blasted on to the scene and, almost immoderately, secured its place as one, if not “The” greatest British Sitcoms ever This was the remarkable “Peep Show”-
I would guess Peep Show was influenced by 15 Storeys High , however Im not sure its ever been officially credited .

Sadly, 15 Stories High, only ran for two seasons and now seems to have been almost forgotten apart form me and 106 other people, who forgot to get a life .

Still, life is about the moments and I am grateful to Sean for improving some of mine.

Fairweather Friends

I was never really into Friends BUT I wasn’t a Friends hater , it was what it was ..Well meaning, well crafted light entertainment. Anyway, the cast break up and go out into the show biz world…Some surviving better than others

The decades pass..Now suddenly along comes a “Reunion” show for HBO MAX. To many this is an exciting moment, Friends was hugely successful and birthed millions of hardcore fans.

However, as science states, every action causes a reaction..Thus, to counter the ocean of love for the show, comes an ice age of hate. The reason given, for not meeting todays moral, social standards and. of course, the examples they give are so daft..

“Chandler Kept being worried about being gay” – they say this shows he was anti gay . Fine, in 2021 that kinda storyline MAY border on using “gay” in a pejorative way.

But I say, so what .. .Do we all have to want to be gay now? Do we have to pretend some people who are gay would rather not be gay and do we have to pretend, Hetero males aren’t at times, comically terrified of becoming gay. These are facts of life, its better to laugh at them that to pretend you are more emotionally sophisticated than we are

It has been argued that pop culture has become SO gay , its completely shallow and lacking. . I don’t fully agree with that BUT there is room for agreement in aspects. More than that though and this is whats worrying me..

The show wasn’t being homophobic in the least,It was anti being anti gay, the joke WAS ON Chandlers character for being so up tight and worried about being gay..THAT WAS THE JOKE Even 8 year olds in the 90s, saw this was a joke .. The fact adults don’t is scary.

WE live in idiot Times